Dating a girl for two months and I start to develop a bit of feeling?

for her, then she drops it on me that she has kids, I'm thinking of breaking it off because I don't want to be with a women with kids, but what gives, shouldn't this be information disclosed like on the first date, I feel like she owns me for all the dates I've take her on


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  • well first of all I think you should ask yourself some things before you break it off with her. if you like someone it should matter if they already have kids or not. right? so get over the I don't want my girlfriend to have kids bullsh*t and grow some balls. if you really like her it doesn't matter if she has kids or not.

    • i don't see how me not wanting to date a girl with kids makes me not have balls, I really just don't want to raise another mans kids, and I want a wife and our kids not a wife that had another mans kids and out kids that's not something I'm going to do I've been thinking about it all day

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    • im 24 and I don't want it to call me dad, maybe if I was 40 I would date this women if she was still her same age as she is now but I'm young do I think it would be in my best interest to try and do better

    • ok well I'm 18. that's no excuse lol but if you don't care about her enough to put up with a kid then she obviously means nothing at all to you except a piece of ass.


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  • i think it was wrong of her to not tell you but I don't think she owes you anything... because you could have asked her do you have any kids? or maybe you werent really part of her life if you never met them because you could have gone to her house during the day or something, I think you just need to forget, its a lesson you learned the hard way : /

  • Yes, this is a huge deal and I do believe that this is something that should be said upfront. I know, personally, I would be really pissed off if this happened to me


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  • Why do you so care that she has kids. You apperantly have feeling on her .You feel she's the one ! That 's where the problem lies. You know , to your one is not easy. Cherish her .Love me, love my dog?

    • i care because I don't want to raise another mans kids I let another man do that

  • I would just leave her man. Your own prefernce of not wanting her to have kids that aren't yours is a big reason. As well as her, well not really lying if you never asked her if she had kids, but something that definitely should've been brought up on the first day that you guys started dating. If it takes her that long to mention she has a kid. How long would it take her to mention something actually worth keeping a secret, but yet you should still know?