Would it be lame if I had no date for prom?

Okay, so I'm starting my senior year in high school in a week, and I'm sort of scared. My friends are the kind of girls who will start talking about prom almost as soon as the year begins and they're the type of girls who would freak if they had no dates, although I'm sure they will find guys to go with. I'm just not sure about myself. Is it perceived as weird or lame if I don't get asked or don't have a date and go to prom alone? (I don't want to stress about it)


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  • I already have a date that I don't want, fml


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  • i didn't have a date for either my junior or senior prom and had tons of fun. my friends who had dates dealt with so much drama. there isn't really a stigma about not having a date (for girls at least). no one really notices if you have a date or not cause they're worried about themselves. and lots of times, those with dates only spend 1/4 of the night together cause they're off visiting friends around the dance floor. for all anyone knows, you have a date somewhere in the room. haha