Why do you think he changed his tune?

A guy at my work was telling me to not worry about finding the right woman and that love would come at the right time. That I didn't need to force it or to go pursuing it.

I told him that was basically my life philosophy, to let women come to me and that I pretty much don't ever pursue women out or pay for any of the first dates.

He said that there was no hope for me


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  • Well your half right and half wrong. I do believe your right about no chasing after women, when the opportunity presents itself, then you seize the moment. I do wonder about the paying for the first date sh*t, I don't get it, but I do it to be polite. I don't go out on many dates with girls unless me and her are already official, call me a bastard but that's how I am. Its a recession , can't be throwing money around like its f***ing 1999. Anyway, I think he was sighing about the not paying on the first date part, its sort of tradition to do so, so a good percentage of women might not like that. Eh don't look at me, if you want to get mad at someone, get mad at the person who invented the tradition.