Did he take advantage of me?

he has a complicated long time relationship (take breaks). he flirted with me (I flirted back too). we kissed, at that moment he said " don't go, I won't let you go".

what does that mean?

replacing me with his "g/f"?

two weeks later, we kissed again. More intense and said he cares for me.

I told him I like him. now I don't hear from him. :-(


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  • Wait so he had a girlfriend when you kissed and he said he didn't want to let you go? He's definitely playing you. A kiss doesn't mean he loves you, likes you, or even cares about you. It just means his hormones like you. If he was interested in anything more than just getting physical then he would spend time with you doing other things besides kissing and actually putting in an effort to learn more about you. And I really hope you're not actually 30-35...

    • Thank you for catching that(my age). ( you can make mistakes at any age). It is a bit more problematic or maybe not. I just wanted to be his friend all along. When we said goodbye, I wanted to hangout, he said don't rush. To me I don't say don't rush to a friend who wants to hangout. Well, maybe cause of the kiss.

    • Yes you can make mistakes at any age. I would just hope that by 30 a person would be able to see when they're being played. The situation and the way it was described just sounded a bit juvenile to me. No offense. If you just want to be someone's friend then you shouldn't kiss them. It only complicates things.

    • I agree that it was juvenile. And I regret it if it meant the cost of friendship. However, I m not sure if he ever see me as a friend. I am kind, friendly, confident. Since I enjoy chatting with him, I never put up a guard. Now I miss him.

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  • Welcome to your new role as the rebound girl.


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  • he wants both of you and you're naive enough to think he wants you

  • He's just playing you or stringing you along find someone better he's not worth your time you don't deserve that