Should we date if she's younger?

met this girl about a month ago and we have been going out for over 2 weeks now everythings great we have same interests, we click REALLY well, simlar goals, same sense of humor, good relationship, no fighting, everything is great except one problem I am turning 19 and she is 16 and I feel really ish about it now that we start school soon college for me not for her, Her parents think I'm awesome and my parents think she's awesome so we are not hiding anything, I havnt done anything with her as far as sexually other then kissing so I am still good in the regard so what I am asking is should I stay in it or should I get out cause of difference or other reasons

we dated for 3 months then she turned stuck up ^_^


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  • I'll tell you what. The difference in maturity and reliability between a girl who is 16 and 19 is pretty significant. The difference between 19 and 25 is lightyears. You don't have the means to pursue a serious relationship so it really can't progress past bf/gf. Once you go off to college it will be very difficult to maintain at all. Now...all that is open to debate and opinion but here is what's not. In most states (I'm in California) you can be arrested for a felony if you have sex with her. It's that simple. It doesn't matter what her parents say, how mature you think she is, or how cool she seems. Statistically the chance of a 16/19 year old relationship working long term is slim. If she's really worth the wait then do that...wait until she's 18. Age IS NOT just a number. It is a legally defined point where certain rights, responsibilities, and crimes are defined by.

    Women can turn on a dime and a teenage girl even more so. She gets mad, pregnant, or the wrong person figures out what's going on and you can find yourself in a world of trouble. I work in the legal field and spend plenty of time in a criminal court as does my fiancée. She and I would tell you we've each met young, good men who's biggest mistake in life was having sex with the underage girl. Lots of them wind up in jail, on probation, or registered sex offenders. ( They call them 'jailbait' for a reason you know.) I know how enticing a pretty young girl is but is the juice really worth the squeeze on this one? Legally, she's still a girl (no matter how 'womanly' her body may appear) and you're a man and trust me when I say the law will treat you like one. Cowboy up and make a mans choice. There are plenty of 18+ year old women available out there.


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  • age is just a number. in my opinion, it'd only be a big deal if you were in your 20's and she was like, 13. but relationships shouldn't be based on the age of the people, but the maturity. If she has the same maturity level as you, then I don't see anything wrong. if you're both happy and comfortable around each other, go for it, bud. :)


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  • When I decide whether or not to do someting, I never wonder if it's illegal. I wonder if it's immoral. There's nothing immoral about your age difference. So I say go for it.

  • Seriously? Stay with her man. I'm in the same boat but worse. lol So if you truly think it'll work, then stick it out. =) It'll be hard, but there are plenty of other people going through the same thing.

    • im in the Same situation but WE LOVE Each other...she makes me happy and I trust her to my Fullerst, I'm not going to turn down my Happiness because of a few Haters..its your life ENJOY IT!

    • Honestly, I understand Flatman's point, but it's your choice. It's a dangerous situation, but if you're willing to make it work, don't let people make the choice for you. 16 is the legal age of consent in a couple states, but not all, but more importantly, it's both of your futures you have to take into consideration. Best advice: read this book: link

      Yeah, it's a "God book" but it really does gave amazing advice that applies. Trust me. =)

    • Agreed. XDAnd I'm not giving up on making her as happy as possible. despite what others think.