Do you immediately Google him?

This one is specifically directed to the ladies: if you're corresponding with a guy through online dating, and in the course of conversation you learn his full name - do you immediately Google him to find out more about him? I'm really interested to hear the responses.


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  • Online dating is stupid and the internet is full of creeps. So probably yes. Wouldn't you?

    • another paranoid woman

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    • I like that last line - being a journalist by trade, I'd have to agree.

    • The internet is full of creeps so why are you using it to find a date? hahahaha


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  • It wouldn't really occur to me to do that unless he told me some crazy story that I was skeptical about so that I could do some fact-checking.

  • I never have but I can't say I never would, but I'd only do it in case they were a criminal or something considering I have a son and wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him or me.

    • A perfectly reasonable rationale, parents have to look out for their childrens' welfare.

    • Exactly if I didn't have a son though I probably wouldn't think to do anything like that unless they wanted to meet in person or something

  • i would.


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