Why my boyfriend deleted my message which on his "renren"(like Facebook)?

Why?he does not want the other people know that he has a girlfriend?And he always talks with the other girls(strangers or something) on the internet.I really feel bad.But he always say he just wants to improve his Chinese.


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  • Girls, if a guy uses Facebook, that really could be a bad sign. I'm seeing a lot of Facebook posts on here. I'm seeing a pattern. I don't use Facebook. If I was a girl, I'd ask, "do you use Facebook" and then if he said yes, I'd never see him again. I'd ask on the first date. Facebook is like an escort service for men. It's really just a place to hook up. Just like MySpace was. If I was a girl, I'd ask a guy if ever use "text messages" and if he said yes, I'd never date him, either. I just see a lot of correlations between these players who use Facebook and text messaging and failed relationships. Players use those things to juggle their females. You are a girl so you can pick and choose. And by the way, I'm a guy but these guys out here are ruining things for everyone so I'm speaking out against it.

  • Does he live in the USA? Maybe he's ashamed of having an online Chinese girlfriend. Infact maybe he's already got a girlfriend.


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