Social setbacks of being Asian in a rich white community?

Since moving to an all white ( mainly upperclass , houses around $1,000,000) community, I've noticed that they tend to avoid interacting or making friendships with other races. It seems like the more rich people only socialize with their kind and their income level. It seems like rich white guys avoid dating Asian girls or girls of any other race, unless they are super attractive or come from wealthy families.

Is anybody else in the same situation and notice the same thing?


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  • I am Asian, and have experienced the same thing.

    However I believe the Asian reputation for being conservative, shy, and for staying within their own circles is more to blame than White peoples' mentalities. How can we fault them when it is true many times more than it's not?

    We put such short labels on "white" and "Asian," "east," and "west," yet these short words represent thousands of years of historical, cultural, social and religious distinction. Learning to live with one another is harder than we think.


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  • I know tons of guys who date asians. Its very common where I live.

    The girls may be a different thing.

  • Let's be honest -- the Asian community can seem pretty insular and closed-off to outsiders too. I mean, I love the Asian community, but I'm not exactly going to find myself invited for dim sum just by showing up.

  • I'm not Asian, but I was in a similar situation in high school. I didn't really have any racial problems (that I know of) in dating, though only one of my relationships was interracial so that could be why. It's most likely your area. Some places are good for interracial dating, other places not so much. I go to a somewhat diverse university now and see interracial relationships/ groups/ friends all the time.


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  • i live in an area full of wealthy people and I don't feel odd or anything they're all nice , but my mums British so I don't know if that may be the reason :)

  • I'm Asian living in an all white upperclass community and can't say that I've noticed a difference. My parents and I are all OK great terms with the neighbors. I dated in HS which was an all white hs, all my bfs were white.

    • Well, you're lucky. Guys in my area seem to stick to their own kind

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    • Well,i am in college now, and I see interracial dating here more than high school... Maybe things are different in NJ

    • I'm in PA, we're close enough that it shouldn't make a difference