She wants to forget she kissed him, how can she tell him this?

My friend and I decided to try weed for the first time a few nights ago, it hit her more than it hit me<<<(I don't know how I should say it) and she ended making out with the guy that gave us the weed. He wasn't a total stranger, we know him from school. She now tells me she feels cheap, also he's texting her and she just wants to forget it ever happened. She would have never done that, she wasn't herself( She was high, duh xD) How should she tell him that she wants to forget about what happened ? He's sorta a nice guy, so I don't want her to tell him just to 'f*** off !' So, any ideas on what she should say to him ?


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  • sorry, I don't know what we did last time but I wasn't myself

    and nice guys don't give weed to girls and then use them EVER, or get them drunk and then do things with them ... even if girls are asking for it ... just say him that, and if he feels like sh*t, what was he thinking before ... pay for it now

    • But we wanted to try it. He kept saying, 'I really shouldn't be doing this'

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    • i meant he shouldn't do anything while you were under substances

    • This is good, thank you :)

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  • lol typical


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  • i'm sorry... I really wasn't myself that day. hope my actions didn't confuse you...

    something like that.

  • it's just making out, it's no big deal

    • I know, but to her it was.