Would this cure your broken heart?

Hey guys,

So say you were in a two years relationship. Right after your ex broke up with you and right away dates some other dude leaving you crushed and drinking everyday, depressed, you became best friends with this girl at school. She cared for your broken heart, helping you go through it. You were good friends, then kind of drifted apart as school ended. Summer time, you two hung out at a party, She looks amazingly beautiful, you got drunk and you two hooked up, messed around but didn't have sex. In the morning you cuddled and watched movies together. She left. And you haven't really talked to her since. She sends you a letter saying she's had feeling for you all this time, and that she can fix your broken heart if you let her, and that she doesn't want you to be sad anymore, just to be happy (in summery), what would you think of that? Would you go for it or not?

ok new question, how long after the relationship are you considered a "rebound"? Because his ex started dating a couple weeks after. And he's been single ever since, its been 5 months. So tell em that, GIRLS, since you have such the nerve to post after I said, "Hey guys.." haha


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  • If only you existed in my world...

    • haha :) He's worth it, be worth it and you'll find a girl who exists like that.

    • As far as worth it goes, I'm over-qualified here lol


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  • It would be very, very tempting, I admit. But I'd still say no.

    There's something precious in standing alone against every battle that I enjoy. I don't consider myself a man made to find peace in the warmth of a woman. I'd rather savor the grittiness in life.

  • if it will make you happy, happier than you are, yah. She sounds great. but just don't use her as a rebound, actually date her to date her. if she makes ya happy then go for it

  • I did.

  • Yes, I think that would.


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  • I don't think you can "cure" a broken heart, but can merely try to stitch the pieces back together.

    Also, no one wants to be the rebound. :S

    • @ update: you didn't mention it's been 5 months. I thought it was quicker. Heck, go for gold.

  • i think you're just the rebound he needed and you helped him and that's great, but he's probably not into you dating wise