Do I ask him out or what?

i met a guy on a dating site a couple of days ago and we've been talking online through email and msn. it's a bit awkward and we're not really getting to know each other. just the every day talk. I'm not feeling a 'click' between us so I'm not sure whether to ask him out or not. I just want to meet up, grab a drink, talk a bit so that we actually do get to know each other and just see what happens after that. is it too early to ask him to do something and do I have to wait or what? he's really nice, but I'm just not sure, because, like I said, it feels awkward between us.

do I wait for a little while or is it worth a try? and how do I ask him? what do I say? he lives near me so it's easy to meet up even if it's only for an hour or so.

another reason why I want to go out on a little date with him is because I want to ask questions in person. I don't really want to get to know someone like this. I'd rather talk to him in real life.


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  • Your profile shows you as under 18 but I don't know anyone under 18 who would talk about grabbing a drink so I am assuming you are over 21.

    I am not a fan of asking a guy out. I have found that there is usually a good reason that he is not asking. However, online dating is a different animal. Sometimes guys are slow to ask you out because they don't want to push it and realize you may take time to want to meet. But, I am with you. A little bit of convo before a meetup is good but beyond that you should get to the first date quickly. You can never gauge chemistry until you meet in person. I had many online guys that I felt I DID have chemistry with only to meet them and find out there was nothing going on. Worse, some were hiding things. I know a few must have been married and trying to hide out online to have affairs. Another had to be lying about himself and his age and was creeping to get me to send pictures (I am sure he was hoping I would send nudes or something). He just wrote in a way that only someone much older would ever speak.

    So, sure, suggest that you would like to meet and suggest a safe place you can meet in the daytime that is not near your home. Go, meet and see what the scoop is. If he is hesitant he may not be who he says he is or may just be socially awkward and not ready for a date. Good luck!


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  • yeah, I wouldn't go on a date with him until you at least get to know him better and "click" online


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  • My honest advice is not to meet him.Dating sites are a really terrible place to meet guys.I'd get out with your friends and you'll meet a nice guy when you least expect it