Texting but not meeting. Why does this girl do this?

Heres the thing.. We can have texting conversation for hours.. Back and forth.. But if I ask her out.. Poof she suddenly dosnt text back for the rest of the day.. What gives?

Ive had this sorta happen befor with another girl.. But I started to find out she was checking her schedule and askin her parents if she could go.. But she wouldn't tell me that unless she couldn't go.. But there was a big pause between when I asked her and when she said if she could our not..

But this new girl just stops texting.. And never says if she can or not

And then the next day we start texting again like it never happened..

Now I'm just confused.. I told her saying no was OK if she didn't want to go..

She replied

"go where" I told her then she said "i never got that text"

Its happened more then once


Most Helpful Girl

  • She's enjoying your attention, you're boosting her ego by flirting with her but she's not that interested in dating you. She's an attention whore! Stop texting her for a few days and see how she responds. Until you stop giving her attention she will not realize how much she has become dependant on it. Give it a few days of no contact and she will text you if she is interested enough, if she doesn't text you within a few days she's not genuinly interested in you so stop wasting your time with her and money, text flirting can be costly!


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  • she is probably uncomfortable meeting you. I admit I sometimes do that too when I get asked that question. Just text her saying If she would like to hang out sometime whenever she's free and to let you know when?

  • she's not that interested in you. only texts back cause she's bored


What Guys Said 2

  • That's why you NEVER ask anyone out over text. Call her up and ask her straight-up.

  • Text is definitely not the way to go, allows for too much misinterpretation.