Should I try talking to her or was I rejected?

so basically I finally got to hang out with the girl I like along with some mutual friends. I was pretty tired and feeling kinda sick so I didn't talk to her much (and visa versa, she didn't talk to me much). the next day I texted her apologizing for being so quiet, and asked if I could "make it up to her sometime" and she replied "you don't need to do that haha", and I ended it with "alright ha ha well if you want to hang out sometime let me know" and she said "will do haha"

so did I just get rejected or what? should I try to talk to her?

P.S. she did go to get food with me while we were hanging out with our friends.


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  • Nah, no you didn't. But don't leave it there. Ask her to hang out sometime and physically see or call her. If you leave it to her, there's a high chance that it won't get done because a lot of girls wait for the guy to make a move, as stupid as I think that is. So yeah, put on your big boy pants and make a move.


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  • It doesn't sound like the "hang out" went to well. Your body language and how you most likely acted "sick" might have left her feeling a bit dejected. She already registered that it's not fun to be around you and that may be a hard impression to lift. She sounds like she just shrugged off the situation, but you can't blame her if it was that unpleasant.

    • i know, that's why I apologized- because I was feeling pretty crappy and tired. she said not to worry about it though, she was feeling pretty tired herself.

      but regardless, what should I do from here?

  • Just wait a few days, see if she talks to you. If she doesn't , you make a move.


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  • Am curious to see what the girls are going to say, but I don't think she rejected you, maybe she just didn't get the hint.

  • I did not hear "no" in that...