Why didn't he text me back?

Okay, meet this guy over the weekend.. he appears/is definitely pretty keen, does all usual stuff..(use your imagination) spend time together etc.. asks for number and says he'll call. He texts that evening and during the next day.. he was asking lots of questions showing interest, then asks if I want to go for drink. I agreed.. although I said I would get back to him the next day to confirm. Then he sent me one more text to which I replied... then nothing!? No further text. I didn't/havent chased him nor have I text him back. it is now 3 days since we texted. Is he waiting for me? Is he not that bothered about meeting up? Should I text him and break the silence or does that look desperate?


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  • It's eerie - I'm going through almost the exact situation, even down to the timing.

    My verdict? I'm not texting him or initiating any contact whatsoever. If he wants to talk to me, that's his prerogative. I've already made myself available to him and made it clear I'm interested, so the ball is in his court, re: the next move.

    You wouldn't look desperate by breaking the silence. Not at all. But just don't do it. You're a worthwhile person, so someone that actually keeps in touch is who you need to find (there's always time to send a text or two throughout the day; I beg of you to find some lifestyle that doesn't allow time for that).


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  • What do you mean by usual stuff? Really hard to answer this question with that thrown in followed by (use your imagination).

  • No honestly you should just text him my friend dies that and it won't make you look desperate just text him and get some confirmation(:

    • You know what, I want just want confirmation - if he's not keen I hope he just doesn't reply or just says so. Then I know for sure I won't be wasting anymore time and can just move on! Ty x