What does it mean if a guy asks you to hang out?

I've started college a couple of weeks ago. There's a guy in my class who I think is kinda cute. We ended up being in 2 of the same classes and I mentioned that to him so we've been lightly flirting ever since. Just little stuff. We sit next to each other in classes. We have to work on a research paper in a group for one of my classes, so he added me on Facebook and said he was new to the area. he asked if I smoked weed, so I blew it off a little and said "on occasion sometimes" (which is true) and kept it centered towards the paper we have to write. and he flirted a little with me during the conversation and said to ask our partner when we could work and give him a ring so we can set it up. so I did, and we chatted a little about the project and how much it sucks to be up early and stuff. then he asks me "so, do you have any plans tomorrow night?" and I said no not at the moment. why? and he said "would you like to hang out?" and I said yes. he sounded a little relieved and said that he'd keep me posted and that was the end of it. what do you think?


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  • he likes you plain and simple...


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  • idk