Feel like I should have a girlfriend, advice?

Lately I have felt like I should have a girlfriend right now. I live with my brother and sister at the moment, and my brother is getting married soon while my sister has been with her boyfriend for quite some time. I just feel kind of left out and feel like I should have a girlfriend right now.

Plus with my brother's wedding, he has talked about plus one's to go, and right now I have no one. Has anyone else felt like they should have a relationship right now? or the opposite way around?


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  • Yeah that's why you should date as many women simultaneously as you can and hit on every chick. seriously dude. its a numbers game. all is fair in love and war. women it comes to women just as I said hit on every single girl you find attractive whether she's in the mall or working at a grocery store. youd be surprised how many say yes to u.etc. date ten girls at once. its fun. I never dated ten girls at once, but I've datd 3 at once before and its fun. until you fall in love. then you try to stay monogomous


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  • just try putting yourself out there. don't rush relationships/love cause they always happen when you don't expect them. as for your brother's wedding, you could always bring a friend as a plus one, perhaps a friend you kind of like?

  • Yup. I have no luck with women man.