In this situation, would you call or text back?

If a guy that you like called you and left a message saying to call him back, would you just text back saying "hey you called?"

Or would you call?


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  • Honestly, I do that with most people whose call I miss, because I'm not too fond of talking on the phone. But if they specifically ask me to call, I do most of the time. Not always though.

    • I just don't get why girls don't like just talking on the phone. I'm not a big texter.

    • I actually prefer to make calls more now than I used to, because I got an iphone and the touch screen pisses me off sometimes. So calling is easier. If that situation happened now, I would almost definitely call back. With my old phone, I was notorious for texting back and saying something like, 'What's up? You called?' I also get a weird kind of anxiety about talking on the phone though sometimes, so that contributed to my preference to text.


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  • I would just text him: hey, why did you call me?

    Cuz I don't like hanging on the phone, unless it's something someone needs to talk about seriously.

  • I would text because I hate speaking on the phone. It's nothing personal. I'm just not a phone person

  • I would probably call since that's what he said to do, but I guess it depends on the time if its late at night I would text him back


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