Here's your chance to rant on dating...go!

It's just like the title says - it's your shot to comment/rant/shout with indignation/hurl fire and brimstone towards what you feel is flawed about the dating process. Since I'm asking the question, I'll go first:

"Dating is great when it's more about keeping one's mind open to the possibilities that come with meeting someone new and just having fun, instead of wondering how many days before calling/texting/delivering messages by carrier pigeon and other pop culture-influenced garbage that really doesn't matter."


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  • My biggest problem is the limbo before I know for sure whether or not there's mutual interest. I'm all for sexual tension (that's pretty damn good and a lot of fun, in my opinion), but the agony of "Is he going to call me? Maybe I should text him? We were into each other! We made out on the floor for an hour! Will it be weird if I text him? Oh my god, I'm one of those girls now," is absolutely ridiculous.

    The more I actually like a guy, the less I feel like texting/calling because everything I think of saying is retarded beyond belief. And maybe he feels the same. But the state of limbo is what kills me.


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  • I want to be able to pay, too!

  • What's with all the sh*tty and head-spinning mind games? I can't keep up with them. Why do the best guys live so far away and have opposite schedules from mine?

  • I hate when guys say one thing but then they don't follow through on it. if you're not going to do it, then don't say you are


What Guys Said 4

  • Dating random people, or playing the "dating game" is setting yourself up for failure because you go into thinking of just one more person that you're going to date for a while then move on. In my opinion, you should get to know someone before you start dating them

  • I hate it when girls act all flirty with you but make excuses when you try to hang out with them.

  • hated dating because nobody was real... it's like you're meeting the person's representative... a whitewashed lie of a representation of the actual person... people scared to be 'hurt'... a convenient excuse for being walled off, bossy and stupid...

  • I love my girlfriend and we are gonna get engaged sooon! so much for ranting lol