Am I old enough to date?

I am 16 years old. A junior in high school, and I am an a honor student but my mom won't let me date. And when I ask her she says I'm irresponsible. I cook I clean and I take care of the dogs and the cats cause she works all the time. but yet I'm still irresponsible. She uses the dumbest excuses. for example I didn't do the dishes the other night when she told me to cause I was practicing for chorus and I got really tired so I forgot. the next day she starts freaking out like the world is going to end. And says that shows me your irresponsible. What about everything else I do! I'm getting real annoyed with this. A guy I have liked for the longest time asked me out on Friday and I think I am just going to sneak because she has no reason not to trust me. Am I wrong for this?


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  • I think she is over protecting you. It has nothing to do with how responsible you are. Are you wrong for sneaking out? Your mother will think so. You need to be willing to accept the consequences of your actions. If you are ready to face the consequences and feel like you deserve to go then you have to make that decision for yourself. Just be careful, because there is a reason your mom is worried about you.


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  • Our opinions really don't matter in this, bottom line. If you're under 18 and under the legal guardianship of a parent or someone else, you are their legal responsibility, which means they can also decide those things, as you are under their protection. When you turn 18, you can make the choices, but until then, you gotta go by your parents' rules. That's just how it is.

  • Your mum's an idiot.

    Nothing immoral with dating or sex. She's just trying to preserve some false "innocence" because as I said, she's an idiot.


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  • Theres really no such thing of "if your old enough to date" age is but a number but its the fact that your ready and mature enough to take that step. I honestly think your mom sees you as a responsible teenager she's just afraid you might get taken advantage off but she should trust you on this. Every parent is different. my parents would let me date at any age and sometimes I have the occasional friend who can't date until she's an adult. Also I think your mom is afraid that you won't focas on your schoolwork if you have a boyfriend, that's what happened to me. Your mom is right in this situtaion but she is also wrong for not letting you make certain decisions and choces on your own.

  • Well I won't tell you to go behind your mothers back but I will say that you seem ready to date. It might be time to have a long sit down and tell her how you feel, that you are ready and state your case. I wouldn't however advise you to tell her that a boy asked you out Friday because then whatever she says will be biased on the fact that she will automatically become defensive and shut down.

    I wish you the best I'm sixteen too so I know how you want freedom.