Is where a guy takes you out on a date an indication of what he thinks of you?

Im married and its been a while since I have dated. However, when I dated my husband it was very traditional like movies, coffee or dinner. Now I see my friends date & the guys ask them out for drinks at a club. Every now & then the same guy would ask my friend out to the movies or for coffee, but he usually asks her out for a beer or two. Does it make a difference where he invites you? I mean if he invites you to a club to have drinks does that mean he doesn't respect you and probably wants to get you drunk or can it be that that's the environment he likes to hang out in. Have things change to the point that now is first few dates are drinks together to break the ice and then later on the other dates are dinners & movies or if he takes you to a club he just wants to get in your pants?...just curious, intrested in learning from you all :)


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  • Sometimes.


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  • yes. I met a girl online and she seemed like a gamer girl (that's what we really had in common) so I was going to take her to the arcade. Too bad she stopped talking to me once she saw my FB (shallow).


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  • No, it's more of indication of what he is like.