How can I kiss her?

I have been dating this amazing girl for about seven months now and we have never kissed. I like going slow, so it wasn't much a problem for me until just recently. I have never kissed a girl and have only kissed one guy, so I obviously don't have much experience. The only time we have anywhere close to being alone is in the locker room at school. It is never completely empty... I don't mind PDA but I don't about her. We haven't really talked about kissing before. I really need some help. I suck at talking about my feelings and all that but our relationship means a lot to me. Please give me some advise.


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  • If your parents don't know you are dating her, you can invite her over for a sleep over. When I was kissed it was because we were already cuddled in close watching a movie together.


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  • If you are dating, it's completely okay to kiss her.