Who should I choose?

Okay, so I dated this guy named Andy for almost a year and we had a wonderful connection. we loved each other.. then he broke up with me for stupid reasons and started going out with someone waaaaay younger than him. I was PISSED and I started talking to this guy in the marines. I felt a spark between me and this guy and we agreed to meet up at the beach. so around midnight I drove over to the beach and met the guy for the first time in person and we were laughing and swimming and flirting and we ended up making out by the end of the night. andy had asked me earlier who I was going to the beach with and I told him that I was going with a girlfriend of mine.. turns out he CALLED the girl and found out that I wasn't with her. he then called me and was cussing at me asking where I was and who I was with and why it was so late... (remember.. this is my EX.) so then he told me that he was IN LOVE with me and he was worrying to death and he couldn't sleep (it was around 3 that he said this) and he had to get up earlier the next day. he always says he loves me but he never says he's IN LOVE. so it meant a lot to me. turns out he broke up with the other girl a looong time ago and she was just a rebound girl... but I'm already kinda into this guy... so me and Andy are back together but the guy doesn't know. I'm stuck in the middle and I don't know how to say that after our connection that I'm going back with the same guy who cussed at me and made me cry and all this...but love works in mysterious ways.. who should I stay with and how should I go about it? remember that I love Andy,


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  • Love DOES work in mysterious ways. It makes complete sense that you went back to andy. He declared his love for you and that's all a girl really needs. He yelled and got jealous which is horrible when it happens, but later you realize he cares so much. I was in a similar situation and I chose my ex. But just follow your guy.

    As for telling the marine what's happened, I'd just be honest with him.


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  • Have you ever watched little kids playing together? One of them could have a cool looking bouncy ball sitting in his playroom that he hasn't touched in months. The moment another kid touches that bouncy ball the first one suddenly wants to play with nothing but that ball.

    Do you see the point I'm trying to make?

    Look, Andy dumped you once for another chick. The only reason he's back is because the new relationship failed and it's easy to jump back into things with you. If I were a betting man I'd put my money on the side that says he's going to do the same thing to you again at some point.

    Andy had his chance... don't let him manipulate and control you. Give this new guy a chance.


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  • stay with andy. Your already with him and you love him. the other guy there are sparks but sparks are commen whin your intriged. Tell andy. maybe he you two can add some crazy moments etc to make new sparks between you too