Do you think immature people should be allowed to date mature people?

Personally I think two people who love each other should be together regardless of race,gender, ethnicity, culture,religion,etc. Though of course maturity is obtained through experiences and time, but most mature people wouldn't personally date someone who is immature if they know that.

For example; I have a best friend who I paired him up with my other friend. he's like my twin brother but he will brag about how his girlfriend gave him head in the car. I was actually compelled to hit him but I let it go.

another example is : I remember dating this girl once who had a crush on me for 3 years then asks me out. I take her up on her offer, then 2 weeks later she got dirty pictures from other guys and thought its polite "to send one back".

maybe I just have bad luck lol and those were experiences and I feel some people need to mature before they can handle the responsibilities of a relationship properly. What do you think?

  • Love is love, so yes!
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  • No, keep the dumb people away from me.
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  • Relationships? lmao , Single is the way for me/ just want to see the results.
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  • Do you think Immature people should be allowed to date Mature people? Yes if a 40 year old man can date a 16 year old nothing wrong with the immature dating the mature

    • mainly in my opinion, that's mainly lust mixed up with lust, on one side or both.

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    • I think sometimes some people aren't ready for a relationship or ready to handle the responsibilities ready.

      ^ that was the basically the reason why some said older shouldn't date younger because they're at different maturity levels...yet a 40 year old man can still date 16 year old girl...see the point? LMAO XD

    • its ironic.


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  • hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Let me think!

  • I couldn't date someone who was immature.

    • i tend to agree, but if I feel head over heels for them, then it wouldn't matter to me at first. Love is a mysterious thing.

    • I could love them but if I had to be around them for a long time I would get really annoyed with how immature he was and learn to not love him anymore

What Guys Said 6

  • Ideally, the ones who lack common sense or willpower do not end up reproducing, and they eventually die out.

    Unfortunately, lacking half a brain is not a diminishing trait like skin color, rather the vast majority of us are carriers of the "loser" gene. Being carriers, there is always a chance of producing a whining blabbering imbecile of a child, even if both parents are Harvard graduates.

  • The first thing I saw without even reading this was "What about mature people that like immature people?" So I say yes.

  • Who are we to stop them from doing so?

  • Hmmm it isn't very mature to fall in love with an immature person... :D

    • falling in love is falling in love, but not head over heels for someone and date an immature person can't be very good in the short run.

  • Yeah.

  • Mature people don't go out with immature people a second time. It they have a second date that means they are both immature.