If he texts you at night?

Is it safe to assume he's just lonely in bed? He only msgs me at night bah :(

Oh dear lord. I just became one of those women who over analyse everything. Sorry everyone hah


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  • It depends on the circumstances and context of the texts- if its a "how was your day?" text he is probably a busy guy and therefore waits till night when he's wound down from the day to text you, but if its a flirty text "hey, I'm just about to get into bed and thinking about you" then its a booty call or just flirting for an ego boost.

    I wouldn't read into it too much, unless its really bugging you. Try just not replying to one night text and see if he texts you the next day during daytime hours or wait till the next day to reply and see if he responds within a few hours or waits again till 11pm to reply. Either way your on his mind, in what context only he knows I'm afraid. x


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  • When I was working, I use to work outside, at a store. Cleaning and lifting things for 8-10 hours a day no matter when I started when I got home I slept right away or did things with other co-workers after work and didn't think about anything else besides work and my friends until I got home took a shower and relaxed a bit. So this might be the case for him.

  • Shouldn't assume anything. But it's a possibility he's lonely and thinking about you, which is what you want right?

  • Do not assume that booty call bullsh*t people throw out there. It could be that he just has a busy day.


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  • It depends at exactly what time he does it. . honestly at night (say past 11pm) it's usually booty call or text in your case.

    He might not have time during the day and wait when he's relax at night

    Let's say it's okay if he texts you (or already have) between 6 am & 6 pm.

    • After 11, oh dear.

    • Is that what women think if a guy texts late at night all the time? LOL. Sure it may be true sometimes, but if a real man wants a booty call, he makes it happen. If he's stringing the conversation along and just chump at it... That's just sad. I know when I text a lady friend or girlfriend at night, it's RARELY ever because I want sex, I could just jerk off and go to sleep. Otherwise I'd make it happen and f*** her.

      Um, tbh, if I text at night it's only because I think about her. I want her.

    • No doubt, I would say some sexual things but that's just how I am, I kind of associate affection with wanting someone sexually, I'm f***ed up in my own way whatever, but I like telling my girlfriend(im single now) that I think about her and doing things to her that would give her goosebumps because that's how I roll.

      Women are nuts. Not all guys are so shallow as you think they are. If he is a needy average frustrated chump who can't get laid just dump his ass. Find a real man.

  • Probably because he is working at day time so he doesn't want to mix up his work and his personal.

    • It's the weekend. He has uni and he doesn't work much.

    • Some people they have time division for each things that they do.So maybe night time is the time for him to text someone.

  • Doesn't mean much maybe he is working during the day and texts you at night. Lol it's OK to overanalyze sometimes :)

  • booty call.

    he can't text you during the day?

  • Txt him in the day & see if he will respond or playfully ask him why he only text you @ night. don't send an angry text message demanding 2 know why he does that lol

    • It's okay I'm not a psycho and I never text him first.

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    • You should feel free to text him whenever you want. and you won't look needy if you text him first. I'm just wondering if you "hold yourself" to text him, he might think I'm the only one texting first I don't want to bother her, especiallly on day.

    • @dd26om that's basically what I was thinking.

      some guys actually like when girls text them first every now & then. I know you don't want to come across as needy, but if you text him 1st every once in a while,I don't think he'll think your needy.

  • I don't know if it's safe to assume that, but I think it's safe he's got nothing else going on at night and is free