What's with all those dating procedures here on Earth?

Why are there so many complications for this "dating" thing here on Earth? The planet I was born on was FAR simpler, and so are all the other planets I've visited, so why is Earth so complicated?

There's all this processes like asking out, arranging a time, preparing yourself for the date, deciding how it will be paid for, going to pick up your date, going to the venue, taking the date home, and all that... complicated stuff! Even worse is that those stuff is so gender stereotyped with people doing certain stuff based on their gender... ugh! We don't have that problem on other planets, just Earth.

In other planets, the process of two people becoming a couple is FAR simpler. For example, in the planet I came from, the way to becoming a couple is that two people do a very romantic intimate and emotional action alone, usually in a place that brings out emotions, they are considered a couple, and when that happens, the energy their body radiates is connected and an identical looking mark appears on both your bodies to identify that you are in a romantic relationship, and also there are no gender roles, and it usually doesn't involve what you call "dating" because you don't have to "go out" if you know what I mean, in fact "going out" is nothing but friendship in my home planet, and anyone can do it.

And in some planets, there are no rules at all. People are just in love when they consider themselves in love, it is that simple.

Other planets have procedures, but none of them are anything like the ones you get on Earth.

Earth is confusing to me and I'm definitely going to move back to my home planet or maybe to another planet when I'm older.

Plus, there are other things wrong with Earth as well. People waste money on pointless wars, everyone has a fighty attitude, and... well... I won't really get into all that since this is for asking about dating but seriously what is wrong with this planet? Its not like this on any other planet! AzaBot, the billionaire AI, and one of his workers is considering destroying Earth.


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  • Funny thing...i'm a big star trek fan and love ci-fi...lately I've had the tendency to look at human behavior from a non-human perspective..just to analyze things better...and its pretty interesting watching the rituals and things people do as part of "normal" activities...courtship, flirting, body language, things like that...its hilariously complicated when one focuses on the details, yet so simple in other ways. Also, when I see people doing dumb things I just think to myself "silly human"...and giggle to myself.

    • lol, thing about humans is that everything has to have "procedures", where relationships would be far simpler if people were just free to follow their own rules

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  • I don't date. I don't like the prep work, the experience, the after math. its annoying. I don't do it.

    cool analogy. your planet sounds like its made up of wolves "is that two people do a very romantic intimate and emotional action alone, usually in a place that brings out emotions, they are considered a couple, " ;)

    btw by intimate did you mean physically, or just intimate?

    • Anything intimate lol

      If you don't like dating here, you might like romance on another planet, its so much better lol

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    • Don't worry, most planets are more friendly than Earth lol

      My planet is the best in my experience though, just become close friends with someone until you feel passion, and there are plenty of nice people on my planet

    • Whoops, sorry, I meant to say the above comment ^ we are in the same house and forgot to switch accounts, sorry lol

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  • I understand why people troll. But seriously why the f*** would you waste your time posting something this long?

    • I'm not trolling, I'm pointing out what's wrong with your planet, people here could be using money for useful things rather than all those wars and stuff, and everything has to have a "procedure"... its so much better on other planets!

    • That's awesome!

  • I know. I am tired of this dating game. It's so old and deceptive. So much work and most times it's not worth it.

  • Amusing tale, comrade.

  • Because religion exists on Earth.

  • Dude I feel you!