Any college guys have any experience with international Chinese students?

So there are these two Chinese girls auditing an upper level course in my department. I happened to look up as the entered the room today and I made eye contact with the hotter of the two and she beamed a huge smile at me. later in the class I looked back at her again when her friend was answering a question and I got a similar smile from her when I caught her eye. Very flirty, I could feel the blood rush in my head. Anyone have any experience with international Chinese students? Do they like white guys typically? Would this be a bad idea to pursue? Seriously I need some research here.


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  • No they don't. I'm in a graduate program where more than half the students are international students from China. And they do not minle outside of other Chinese students. Your chances of dating one are not that high. But that's just my school. Yours mights be different


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  • i banged one. they get mad attached after. like way to much.