Would You Date A Guy Who Is Quite Older Than You But Looks Younger?

he is good looking and hot ...but he is quite older than you probably around 7 years and though he doesn't look his age as he look 2-3 years younger than his age...


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  • Why not? ... I'm fallen for the man who is 7 years older than me and let me tell you, he's smokey hot! I would go out with him (and have him if permitted) at any time. God help me.:)... I personally prefer older men (5--9 years older) than younger men. I think if you like someone and attract to him and is good looking, age shouldn't be a issue. Don't you think?

    • due you believe that I was dumped because of my age and she is embrassed before her friends to accept that she is seeing me...

    • If she's really into you, age shouldn't be a paramount. Regardless where and with whom you both are with, she shouldn't feel ashamed/embarrassed . I don't know for sure if she's planning to have a steady or committed relationship with you or not. But if she's not comfortable being with you around people she cares or knows about, then she doesn't deserve a great man like you. Get over her and hopefully you will find somebody else who appreciates you and likes showing you off.


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  • Women tend to prefer older men, so you probably do have a shot.

    • i mostly get attention or chances with girls rather than women :( ..girls who can't handle relationship I end up being left off

  • Some girls really want a guy close to their age, but most girls seem to be down with older guys.