How many of you guys have trouble getting a hold of people when you want to get a hold of them

Does anybody have a problem constantly getting a hold of people I expect when I call somebody for them to pick up or call me back the next day but that only happens half the time is this normal


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What Girls Said 1

  • That happens to me a lot too and it irritates the f.uck out of me. Especially when plans have already been established, and they don't even bother answering or replying to texts. I hate it when people are flaky. So I try to always make sure I get back to people, and let them know as soon as I can ahead of time if I can't do something or if something changes, so they're not waiting up for me.


What Guys Said 1

  • I just leave a message since I will forget it by the time they call me back.

    • My point is is that I constantly mutually agree about times to hang like OK well I'll see you this Friday at Dave and busters and they say yes but most of the time people can't make it

    • You need more reliable friends. It irritates me when people aren't punctual.