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If you read past posts you'll notice I've been questionable about this for awhile. Ill fill you in. I am best friends with my guy friend. We have been talking a lot. Then we had sex.and we continued to talk. We then discussed that we would casual date just to see because we didn't want to risk our friendship. So we have sex 2 days ago.this is the first time I've seen him since november 14th. We're both on christmas break. the next day no call or text.and today nothing.he responded to something I said 4 hours earlier and that's all. What's up? If he wants to stop things then that's fine with me but seriously? what would be his reasons for totally dropping off the face of the earth? I'm really upset. It makes it easy for me to just let him go!


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  • To be honest it sounds like something you need to bring up sooner rather than later. It could be that something clicked after the two of you had sex and he thought the passion wasn't there, or he could just be busy buying last minute christmas presents. Talking doesn't hurt.

    I had a similar situation once where a long time friend and I had sex and we talked a little the next day but I was starting a new job and got caught up in work and not sleeping over the next couple weeks. I didn't realize that she was getting bothered by my inaction. Our lack of communication made things a lot worse. Talk to him and don't let it drag out.

    • I don't feel the passion either...but I still would talk to him..and I want him to respond to me. I texted him again hey you what's going on...that was hours ago! I don't know what his deal is but I will prob get very upset shortly

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    • Well of course I love him, he's my beset friend. I thought maybe something was there but it doesn't exist anymore. I'm upset because relationship or not we always talk and he's ignoring me now

    • Sounds like he just doesn't know what to do. You basically can either stay upset and have just build up unless he comes to his senses or you make an effort and tell him you don't think it is working but you do want to keep trying to be friends.


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  • He may just want to be FWB's. Tho, sometimes I will be mean to a girl when I am not mad just to get rid of her. Tough call, but if you are thinking love is in the future, you are probably barking up the wrong tree this time.

  • maybe there was something wrong with his phone.

    Either way, talk to him about it. Let him know that you'll be there for him if he'll be there for you


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  • can somebody tell me how to ask questions lmao