Would it be so bad to fake a date?

To make someone jealous? The thing is, I think my ex thinks I'm still 'hung up' on him. It's annoying. I fear he's going to think I'm waiting for him because I told him 'I'm happy being single for awhile'. I was being honest. I'm enjoying my single status. So my question is. . . Would it be a really bad thing for me to tell him I went on a date with someone? Like just a single date. Nothing serious. I won't elaborate too much. I know I should just drop him but the thing is I am in a really good place now, and he keeps ruining it with his 'You know you still want me' attitude.

If anyone has another suggestion I'd like to hear it. I don't want to ignore him completely because we are in the same circle of friends and what have you. Thanks!


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  • It's bad because it's shown you haven't moved on, if you truly are strong and have moved on, things like 'faking a date' would be looked upon as an attempt to catch your ex's attention. w/e. If you are comfortable with who you are and you aren't crying / sulking then that would be even better.

    Faking a date is so much extra work involved.

    My other suggestion (which I have done with favourable results) just look really hot around his friends and he'll cry, lol. (I set up a time to meet up with his friends and his friends invited him w/e and I had on a hot black halter dress, cute pair of boots and my hair done really nice) ^_^ He didn't look too happy.

    • Haha that is actually a better idea. Boys are such visual creatures haha.

    • Yes, trust me, I wish I could have taken a picture of his face when he had to eat with us (he didn't know I was going to come) all the better lol.


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  • well, if you're routinely talking to your ex, I think he's reasonable in wondering if you're still hung up on him.

    and if you're thinking about _faking_ a new date (even to prove a point) rather than _going on an actual date_, your boyfriend might have a point.

    in general, lying is a lousy way to solve problems. tell one lie, and soon enough you've got to cover it with two lies. what if your ex-boyfriend wants to know about the new guy's shoes? what color are his eyes? what's the new guy's job? can you keep all those lies straight? it's usually not worth the effort.

    • I agree. I'm a crappy liar anyway haha.

  • I would heavily advise you don't create this "fake date" JUST to make him jealous, what will that accomplish for you? And what about the person you would be taking on the date? Wouldn't that be like using them for your own personal gain?


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  • yes it wod. but flirt with other guys(specially his friends). and juss be happy pretend he was never in ur life. so wen you see him say looking lik 'u soo want me' juss be all lik what ever. juss ignore it and don't let him get any satisfaction from it