Take the cigarette away and kiss him?

So I have been dating this guy for sometime, we really good friends, but didn't kiss yet... well he actually tried to but I didn't want to for some reason, he probably thinks I see him as a friend only but I'm not and I'm starting regretting it. I will make the first move next time I see him, and I kinda want to surprise him. We go to the same college, I don't really see him that much there but I know where he goes to smoke... how do you think he will react if I throw the cigarette away and kiss him?


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  • I don't know but he's gonna have bad breath

    • Well, I know but I don't mind I will give him some Altoids before lol.


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  • i would think your just horny, sounds a bit overdone apose to somthing gradual

    • What would be something gradual? He actually tried too many times and I kinda rejected him so now I need to make a strong move? I don't know actually, I thought it could be sexy somehow?

    • oh, I geuss

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  • That could be really sexy if you're suave about it haha.