Getting shot down all the time.

First off I have no problem walking up to girls and introducing myself. I'm not smooth or anything like that. It just comes time when I ask for her number to get to know her better or asking if she wants to get a coffee it's always a no. I mean my mom says I'm not ugly, I'm always clean and try to smile and start a conversation. I've been shot down 201 times in a row and I'm at a loss of where to go.;


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  • Heyyy I can try help you if you want :) I helped my guy friend with his girl issues hehe

    I can give you my email, send me your photos and I could maybe give you advice on how to enhance your look or how to approach girls and we can talk about your problem in more detail :)

    My email is!

    Id be happy to help!


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  • You've been counting?


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  • You cannot take your mother's opinion on your looks seriously. I'm guessing your standards are too high or you're asking too soon. You're supposed to get to know a person to a certain degree before requesting such things as their number or a date.