He did not respond to my text. What does this mean?!

This guy I like and I were talking on Facebook. When I had to leave I gave him my number and told him to text me. About a minute later he texted me to give me his number. But then he didn't respond to my text. He told me he was going somewhere with his friends out of town. Does that mean he's not interested? or just too busy?


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  • Yeah, don't read too much into this, it pretty much means what he said, I believe.

    Oh, and a...STOP TEXT-FLIRTING. It will drive you nuts; it's especially brutal on women, because you end up walking away thinking "What did he mean?!?!"

    If you are going to flirt, do it IN PERSON, so that you can read body language, eye contact, vocal inflection, etc.

    You crazy kids doing that crazy thing. Try it the old fashioned way. :)


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  • Or his friends have female parts, or he's trying to be cool...if he likes you, he will let it be known. We are simple creatures. The amount of attention he shows you is directly related to how much he likes you...but let the 'I'm a cool guy and don't talk to girls right away' period end first. Then you will know.

  • Ok it probably not either one of those. When I go out with my friends all of us just turn off our phones, and text or call any one when we get home. That way we can just have fun and not have our conversation interrupted repetitively.

  • i think it means...

    ...he is going somewhere with his friends out of town! =O


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