Have you ever been on a second date..

Have you ever been on a first date where it turned out really good, then you guys go on a second date and the person turns out to be really odd or it just didn't go as well as the first date?

If so, what happened?


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  • Yes, great first dates are no guarantee that a second date will happen or that it will be good.

    I did have one guy that I dated where I thought initially there was a lot of promise but as I got to know him more I realized he was not who he was trying to portray himself as. We had a great conversation the night we met, but our dates were sometimes good, sometimes not so good. At one point I had to kiss him because he just was not moving things along. After 5 months I ended it because I finally realized he was hiding a lot of things that were deal breakers and that is why our dates were off.

    So, for you, not sure what happened and how odd he was or what he did on the second date. It could be the tip of the iceberg or it could have been a bad night for him, but overall a bad second date for me has meant that things just are not going to work out.


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  • Maybe pressure for someone to make a move, hold hands/kiss/etc..


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  • Yes. It sucked. The first date we went out to eat, and then the second date we went bowling. When we went bowling he pretty much just texted the whole time.

    • Wow what an ass hole!