Never had a boyfriend, advice?

So I'm a confident, career-driven, hard working independent woman. I'm 21 gonna be 22 soon...and never had a proper relationship. Lots of guys have liked me before, and I never seemed to like them until they became unavailable. I'm just wondering, is there something women do that ward you off? That even if you find her attractive and friendly, you'd never bother chasing her?


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  • These are bad assumptions on my part I'll admit, but if she never talks about guys, dating, anything personal, I assume she doesn't want to date. Also adding on "career-driven (not a bad thing by any means)", especially when she's 21 going on 22, it tells me again that she doesn't want to date or doesn't have time. Again, bad assumption.

    For me personally, I'm rather shy, so by default it takes a bit longer for me to work up the courage to ask. If she's very attractive, I make another mistake of thinking "she's way too pretty to be single" or "she's probably got guys hitting on her all the time. What does she need one more for (though I usually want to at least be acquainted first)?" Bottom line, it's more bad assumptions than stuff she does/says or doesn't do/say.


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  • i'm 23 and never had a girlfriend, it sucks all the pressure us guys have to go through, I hate gender roles with a huge passion


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  • Thats about the age I had my first relationship at. I had not long turned 22. Before that I had only had unsuitable guys after me or dated people who had little interest in seeing me again. Some people are just really unlucky for long periods of time. But just because you are in your early 20s and yet to have a relationship doesn't mean you never will. You have your whole 20s and 30s ahead of you. You might not meet someone next week, next month or even next year but its highly likely that you will at some point.

    For me, it was after I had joined a club at college. I joined out of interest for the subject and never thought in a month of Sundays I would end up meeting my future boyfriend. OK so, we're not together any more but it happened.

    Keep up hope!