Movie date with a guy I barely know? yes/no

I'm in college. A guy who's in some of my classes that I barely know asked me out to the movies. I'm willing to give him a chance. But I don't want the date to be awkward because he tries to make a move on me.

Ok guys, if a girl says yes, then do you automatically think she has some interest in you as well, or that she's just giving it a try?

Should I go? Then what do I do when he tries to make a move?

Should I not go?


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  • Yes, go with him and give him a shot.

    No, I don't automatically assume she's interested. I take it as she's willing to see if I'm worthy of her attention.


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  • Yes, if you don't want him to make any kind of move then please don't go with him or let him know it's just a friendly "date".

    If you don't like him why did you say you'd go?

    • I didn't say I'd go

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    • LOLL you're funny

    • lol it's a good way to let him know without hurting his feelings I think

  • Just go with the flow, be friendly, but tell him you don't want to do anything sexual.

  • I'd pick something else. You can't really get to know someone when you watch a movie together. A local carnival would be better since you can meet up with your friends and hang out as a group. It takes the edge off of it being a date.

  • if she says yes- then yes, most guys think she's somewhat interested. key word: most. not all, but most.

    i think you should- but set down some limits and talk to him beforehand.


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