If I attract guys who have hung out with/ dated ugly girls, am I most likely ugly as well?

If guys that have been attrclacted to me have dated ugly/ average girls in the past, am I most likely ugly as well? If a guy is ever attrwcted to me, it seems like I attract guys who get easily jealous or have some insecurity issues... Or does it have to do more with the fact that I am considered a 'nice girl'- whatever that means...

or is the fact that I am Asian have anything to do with it?


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  • Tommy is a football player. All football players are strong. In that sense is Tommy strong?

    • i knew somebody would say something similar to this...

    • Lol To answer your question though I'm not sure. You're basically calling yourself ugly by asking if guys are usually attracted to ugly girls does that make you ugly. Who knows you may be the only actual "pretty" girl they go for.


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  • No. Maybe only ugly (your words) girls would go out with him.

    Probably because he's Asian.

    At a younger age girls may be afraid to bring him home to meet daddy.

    • no he's not asian, I am. he's white.

  • It could a number of reasons, your personality, or you may be the hottest girl he knows. Who knows? Does it matter? As long as he thinks your beautiful, that's all that matters.


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  • Well attractiveness is all relative of course. But to you, the girls they've dated are unattractive, or below the attractiveness that someone of HIS level of attractiveness could get. That doesn't mean you're unattractive. Perhaps you're the prettiest girl who has given them a chance? That could certainly explain the jealousy and insecurity. Since they're used to getting less attractive girls, they're more insecure about losing YOU because you're more attractive than what they normally get.

    That's just a speculation though.

  • Maybe, maybe not.