Is just not that into me? I've been dating this guy over a year.

At first we saw other people...slowly as we got closer and spent more time together...He impressed me...he is a good guy...great Dad...hard working all the things I stand for, chemistry is great...but he isn't very cards etc.he says he cares about me alot...tells me how important I am...what he likes about me...still we only see each other once a week even thou I've been asking for more and he claims he is busy...what do you do if his time table isn't the same as mine? am I being too needy?


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  • No not at all, because once a week is no good for any relationship, and although he might be busy, you need to get together more often because if your feelings are not fed with the communication your talents need, then this relationship will go stale and either one of you will notice someone somewhere is showing you more attention than what you are currently getting, so try and just talk it out and explain that you don't want to lose what seems so right , and that your willing to make more of an effort if he is, because you really need to be spending at least one night together but seeing each other at least 3 times a week. Relationships do last with less than this but that's usually after marriage and kids are involved, but even then, the gates are open for more attention from someone outside your relationship ring, be honest with your concerns and I am sure he will step up and make an effort, because really, being busy is not an excuse to not see someone you are in love with or crazy about, its mainly used as a cop out, not saying this is his reason, but use your talents to get this back to where you like it, good luck,x


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  • I am 35 and I would hope that a relationship I had had for a year would progress from meeting once a week, if this was actually possible. If I had my own house or if he had his own house, I would be discussing us moving in together and building a future together. If we got on well that is. You need to work out what is really important for you. Do you need a man who is romantic and wants to be with you? I think once a week is fine, if that is really the only time you can see each other. For example I am in a long distance relationship and my working life does not permit me to see my partner for several weeks on some occasions. Does his job really permit him to be able to see you or not? (only you really know this). Does he live close by or have spare time when he is not seeing his children?