When did you start dating?

how old were you when you starting dating (little like middle school dates count to) and when was your first kiss?


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  • First date was when I was 13. First kiss was at 14.

    • was it with the same the guy

    • Nope! Although I would have much preferred if the first guy was the one to give me my first kiss. He was a sweetheart. :) We are still friends 6 years later heehee.

    • awwwwww!


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  • 6th grade for both

  • I haven't yet. I haven't had my first kiss either. I'm 22...

    • well you and me will probably very alike then because I'm headed down the same path

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    • That's why I said if you really wanted it. Guys usually have to earn stuff from girls while a girl usually can find it for free. lol If you want it to be super special and all that jazz, then yeah, it's not so easy.

    • well boring means not just like ex. me: hi them: hi me: wats up them: stuff me: like them :stuff then its like ugh! and unless your like lazy stupid like hey tell me wats 15 + 17=? that's not hard... basically for most girls you hav to b yourself and nice wich if your trying isn't hard at all you don't have to b funny or hot (also b passionate about something (food videogames water polo etc.) that's really imp...at least for me)

  • 17 years for both


What Girls Said 3

  • I was 23 when I first started dating and I didn't get my first kiss until I was 23

    • was it your first guy that you had your first kis with

    • no the first guy I had a kiss with was my best friend's ex boyfriend at the time, he was using me to get back at her. Oh wells, it worked and they're back together. Thank goodness we didn't do much besides kiss.

    • aww that sucks! ya total regret!

  • 11, boys were quite charming at that age...yeah right

  • 13 I guess is when I started to actually date.. Nothing serious though.

    "Sooo... wanna be my girlfriend?"

    "Sure okay"

    ah the good old days lol

    • hahahahaha nice! I wish I had just like one of those cute little fake dates