Date my ex or date a new girl? Please help me decide

ok well I could date my ex who I have been through a lot with. she is very pretty but she is not sexy. she is nice. and she has a baby who is six months old now. OR... I could date a new girl who is sexy and very pretty. she is nice. I have been hanging out with her alost every day for like a month and a half now. I am wanting to taek both girls out but you guys decide who should I try my first date with who ever has the most votes is the girl that I will take out

well my ex makes me happy but so does the new girl. the new girl is really nice but so is my ex. my ex has her own place but the new girl lives with her mom
made my decision with the new girl I think


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  • I'm glad you chose the new girl. I know you care about your ex, but you got to move forward or else the same story will keep happening. Plus she already has a kid, a kid who isn't even yours, so don't waste time on something that eventually won't work. Getting back with exes most of the time never work out.

    • I hate it when people disagree when someone else doesn't approve of dating a chick with children. Just keep your damn opinions and we'll keep OURS.


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  • Please reread your own question.

    New girl or your *EX.*

    I assume there is a reason she is your ex now..

    If it didn't work the first time, it's probably not going to work the second, third, or billion and fourth time.

    It's honestly your decision though. Don't let some choose for you though.

    Who can you see yourself with the most? Like, maybe a few years down the road. If you aren't thinking about spending the future with one of them, well, you probably just want to have fun.. In that case it's best you don't choose either.. or you choose one and do whatever, I guess.

    Good luck. [:

  • SIGH. really?! you're putting who you're going to date up to a vote?

    *repeatedly bangs head against wall*

    dear lord, I've had more than enough time on earth. please kill me now.


    your frustrated lamb.

  • Great job picking the new girl. I was just gonna say how I really doubt your ex, being a mother of a newborn, needs a guy whose arguments about dating her or not are "very pretty but not sexy"

    What's interesting about this situation is how did a douche like you end up having to choose between two chicks. perhaps one of them has herpes

    • cause I'm a piiimp hahha nah none of em have herpes

  • Well considering you only mentioned looks and said nothing about either girl's personality, just go with whomever makes your d*** the hardest since that seems to be what matters to you.

    • thats not true at all I have so much more respect for girls than that

    • So why didn't you mention anything about their personalities then? It just seems like you're looking at things from a shallow perspective. Who do you have more in common with? Who do you get along better with?

    • i think I feel more comftorable with my ex. I have better chemistry with her I t hink to be honest but I'm not even sure

  • Is this An auction Or something?

    • yea its an auction I'm auctioning off 2 girls I care for a lot... that's a dumb question

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    • lol I ask wahtever I want :p

    • STOP Messing.

  • Neither. If you are having a hard time choosing between the two maybe you don't like them as much as you think.

    • im already going with the new girl.

    • I pity the day you find a new new girl.

  • Date the new girl. There is a reason your ex is an ex and has been "exed out". Try something new. Plus dating a girl with a baby can really put a strain on the relationship.

  • Date the new girl, your ex is an ex for a reason...

  • Is it your baby? That makes a big difference.

    • no it is not my baby but new girl has a baby who is a year and a half old

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    • Can you see them both? I mean, taking it slow and not jumping into bed with either of them? Hard choice. People don't have to be exclusive until they decide to be. Just be honest.

    • yeah I am going to be honest honest is the best policy.

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  • Why not both? If they don't know each. I don't see why it wouldn't work. Just put a password lock on your phone!

    • i would man but they know each other theyre actually friends