Why did date say he didn't have fun?

A guy that I went to the same community college with and is now at my same university asked me last week on fb chat to hang out. We ended up hanging out this past Friday for the first time on a friendly basis. We walked around campus, went out for a bite to eat and then went back to the main part of campus. I tried seeing if there were a few things he wanted to do, like see a free movie going on on campus, go into the game room to play a round of billiards, anything and he did not have any ideas in mind either. He's a quieter guy too so I found myself working to get conversations going but ended up enjoying myself with him. At the end when we couldn't figure out what else to do, he suggested we part ways and said "I guess we can hang again sometime." Later, I sent him a text saying that I enjoyed seeing him, thanked him for a fun night and that we should hang again soon. He wrote back saying "Okay. Wasn't to fun, maybe I'll find some stuff to do on campus next time." Initially I was was hurt by it, thinking he was saying he didn't have a good time with me and would find something else to do with somebody else and not ask me to get together again. I'm not sure what to do now, should I just let it all go? Alo do you think he really meant that he didn't want to bother with getting together with me again or something else?


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  • This sounds like he was gutteed he hadn't more to offer you to do, blokes often need to impress to enjoy so don't think he don't want to see you again, it sound like he just wished there was more to do and next time he see's you, he will hopefully have more to do on the date, so , keep in touch with him unless he becomes a stranger and doesn't make an effort with you,xx

  • Thats an easy answer ...im gathering that he felt awkward so that took away from his enjoyment of the time out...what I gather from his response is that he does want to go out again but he wants to be more prepared for the next time.Just talk to him a little more...texting is so impersonal and can be very hard to read what some people are really trying to say. best of luck


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