Why is he doing this?

when me and my boyfriend first started dating, he was always making out with me, and wanting sex every night. it's been three months that we've been together, and now he doesn't like kissing me in public, and some nights he doesn't even want sex! I don't know what's wrong. is it something with me? advice please!


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  • This sounds bad, but maybe he is getting ready to break up? Or maybe you are doing something he doesn't like, and its his way of "getting back" at you. Like his own little revenge. Whatever the case may be, don't feel like YOU are the one doing anything wrong, even if he says its your fault. Unless you like, cheated on him or something, there is really no excuse for him to be such a jerk.

  • no, there's nothing wrong with you. but with him. he may have someone else.