Have you ever had a bad fallout with someone you were dating but later ended up dating again?

long story short...I dated this girl a while ago but eventually we stopped talking to each other and we left off on really bad terms. I know she remembers how good we were together, we really liked each other. in fact I have my sources to know how much she regretted it after we stopped talking, I did too but we both had too much pride to go back and fix things.

nothing either of us did was unforgivable. I've been trying to reach out to her lately but she is distant. I heard from a mutual friend that she feels embarrassed about what happened so I stopped trying to get a hold of her to give her space.

we were really good together and I wonder if we could ever be something again. have you ever been in a similar situation? did you ever date again?

we were really great before and I just wonder


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  • boy this one strikes a chord with me. I really miss the guy. but things ended so bad with us, and in truth he was just awful to my advances and efforts to explain - fix our situation. so from my standpoint its not for me to make contact. so we went our seperate ways - or more literally he did. however I would be very open to listening to him.. but I know he never will. it makes me upset just thinking about it. but he's gone and I need to face it. I still don't know what I did to screw things up that bad - I explained everything. he wasn't willing to listen or even acknowledge we could fix anything.

    its been 10months for us since we've had contact and I still wonder if we could reconnect and be something. and similar our situation would be salvageable if only he'd make the effort or respond to my efforts.

    fact is - it takes two at the end of the day. you can't waltz on your own. and you can't make them want to. all you can do is throw out the rope and if they don't grab it you have to leave it.

    • I guess you really only have one question to answer - what's more important your pride or being with her? Once you answer this there really is no decision. Remember - nothing in this life worth having comes easy. If you think its worth it and if you think you will never get that with someone else , then I guess be thankful you were lucky enough to meet someone as cool as that and as well suited to you as that - and go back and get her. You'd be crazy to let it slip away believe me. Good luck.


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  • people brake up & get back together all the time. including with fights. this doesn't sound any different. what are you so worried about? were there were feelings before there's always the potential they can exist again - unless one of you has moved onto another relationship.

  • Go talk to her. Please.


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  • You know I really wonder this myself. I am in a similar situation myself. My ex was very immature and irrational when she broke it off with me and there have been some bad moments since the break up. I have also heard from a mutual friend that she dumped me and partied it up all summer, but now that the fall is here she's got a new boyfriend and he can't compete with all I did for her. I did say some pretty mean things, but they at least were honest. I have given up all attempts of contacting her, I am sure that her new relationship won't last long. I don't think I would even entertain a friendship with her at this point, let alone venture into another relationship. There would need to be some major major changes if that ever were to happen.