We are "slowing down" - is that code for ending it?

I started seeing this guy three weeks ago. The first date he didn't even kiss me, the second date we slept together. We both had really busy weeks and the 3rd week we didn't go on a date. We ended up getting a fight over something stupid and yesterday we talked it out. We are going on a date tonight, but we are (in his words) "slowing down" I asked if we were allowed to kiss and his response was "Lets hold off for a bit, k?" Is this some sort of pity date? or is really interested in working on this? I mean slow down sure... but we can't kiss? I think that's a bit extreme.


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  • talk openly to each other and resolve the issue...and try to give as much time you can only then a relation can be lively...

  • It seems like he just used you for sex.


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