Should I call her back?

I was dating a girl for a month and a half, and things were going great. Every date got progressively better, and we were definitely on track to getting exclusive.

It was very flirty, and we talked for at least two hours each night.

Then she attended a concert, where she suddenly got a lot of attention from the singer and his entourage (he's pretty famous). The following week, she recounted how they wanted to fly her to other cities last weekend and start getting her involved in the business side of the the band.

Needless to say, things started to get more distant that week. This past weekend, she flew with them to other cities, and our contact has been minimal.

The texts she sends are low investment and she called me yesterday but left no voice mail or text message. I didn't call her back.

Do you think she met another guy in the entourage, or is just really busy with this new lifestyle?

What should I do about it? Should I stop contacting her entirely, or should I suggest we meet up this weekend?


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  • It's up to you and if you think she is worth it. personally I wouldn't.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Let it go - she is prob swept up in this new lifestyle. Move on and if she calls/wants to meet sure, why not just don't hold out for her.


What Guys Said 2

  • No, dude, you're done. If he's famous and flying around in jets instead of living out of his van, he has all the business help he needs. Your girlfriend is a groupie. I'm sorry. You can wait. He won't keep her forever, and she may come back, but you'll be getting the famous guy's leftovers. It wouldn't work for me.

  • I'm confused... why is she randomly being brought into the "business side" of this band that she went to see? Does she have a career in the music industry? Or is she just a groupie?