Do girls like the challenge of finding the deep personality in men?

I know its hard to understand, but do girls enjoy "crack" a man's personality? For instance, I'm a wise-crack kinda guy, kind of like a smart ass, but I am a deep person, and am very kind and generous once you get to know me? And it's all genuine, that's why I don't express my kindness on the outside really, because I feel it would look like a front I'm trying to put up.

So do girls like it when men have a deep personality behind they're outer personality?


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  • Yeahhh some girls loveee breaking down a man's barriers. It makes some girls feel special that they were able to bring out the emotional part of you (since the stereotype is that male hates dealing with emotion). It's almost like the story of Excalibur.


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  • I like learning more about a guy... yea. but if I can't tell that he's a good person from the start, then I'm not sure if I would even try to get to know him better...

  • ya for sure, to me it shows that they trust me enough to express that side of them


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