How does online dating work?

i met this girl from okcupid and we have been sending messages to each other for over a month and she lives in the same city as me. now the problem is that I don't know how online dating works. when should I ask her out on a date and when should I ask for her number?


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  • Haha I had an okcupid account too. It depends on the type of relationship and how well you guys have connect and if you feel like you and this girl have been talking a good amount and that its not weird or awkward or anything and that she seems like she's really into you, then go for it. there's not really a timeline for these types of things. if you're worried about the way she'll take it, phrase it nicely like "hey I don't mean to be too forward or anything, but I have a really good time talking to you and id like to meet up in person if you're okay with that idea" or something like that. then if she says okay then you exchange numbers.

    thats one way to do it. otherwise (depending on how long your conversations are) you can be like hey it'll be easier for me to text if that's okay with you. I mean I've had people say "just text me" or "im not really on here much anymore so you should text me"


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  • Ive met a few girls from Okcupid. Its a very good way to weed out the weirdies and you can really get to know the person before meeting them. (Unlike a blind date.) I have always messaged through Okcupid until I get good conversation going. (relatively long messages.) Then just say "i would rather text than use Okcupid", leave my number and ask for hers. I've never set up a first meeting online. That I think would make her especially nervous. Once I have her number we will text for awhile and talk on the phone once or twice. At that point if things are still going well I will tell her id like to get together, and I plan a dinner or something.

  • The first time meeting someone from online can make you nervous, but understandably girls get more worried about meeting some guy from online. But one of the bonuses of online dating is that you can filter out the creeps.

    Just ask her if she'd like to get some drinks, or coffee, that way you can converse in person.