How to get a MAN to text back?

Recently my boyfriend has been really stressed he's not texting me like he used and I find myself being the one to text him. We used to text about 2 or 3 times a day. 1 in the morning 1 in the afternoon and 1 when he got off work so we can meet up and hang out. Now I'm the one constantly texting and arranging dates. Today I texted him "Good morning love! I have those movie tickets from work, let used them up tonight? have an awesome day at work! :) " that was at 10:30am and he hasn't texted bk. I have left him alone for 2 days straight and he didn't even bother texting me...whats his deal, he said he's stressed with money issues but why the sudden withdraw. I checked his phone and saw no messages from other woman or phone calls. do I just leave him alone for good?


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  • I would really try to tlk to him first... Don't stop something that wasn't meant to be stopped... He could be stressed. With the texting thing, I wouldn't text him at all.. Let him come to you when it cmes to texting.. But if something doesn't feel right, it probably isnt, so talk to him fast.

    • I have talked to him in person and he says he's fine...I noticed his behavior continued so I decided to write him a letter...He replied to the letter in text saying he was stressed out and was having finanacial later on we hugn out and things were cool but he's still acting distant and its frustrating to me since we aren't like this normally. I will keep myself away until he comes around I'm jsut afraid he won't and he'll feel like I don't care even though I do...but I'm tired of chasin


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  • Why would you check his phone for messages from other women?

    Just because he's not texting you makes you think he's cheating? I'm not trying to bag on you, I'm just trying to understand your motive.

    • Yes...becasue the last time he started acting this way. We broke up. He was dating a girl from school...He began to stop seeing me less and less and texting me less and less. Then it completely stopped. So I got curious to see if it was happening again...I know it was wrong but those old mmemories surfaced...

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  • Communicate this with him. Just be straight forward with him. Only way to find out what's going on.

    • I did. I talked to him about it yesteday and it worked for that one its back to the same sh*t

    • I would just say look if you're not interested in me anymore I want to break up because I don't want to waste my time. Or just say I want to break up, sounds like he lost interest or something along those lines. Or he is just not in a good position to be in a relationship because he has some other stuff going on. Take a look at your options and go from there. Good luck.