Why is he so different in text messages and in real life?

I have a crush on this guy, and it's been going on for a while now, a couple of months. He knows I'm into him, and lately when we text he's sweet and funny and gives me attention and stuff, but when I see him in real life he's more quiet and I always have to take the first step in case of talking...Now I know he's a serious guy and isn't a player, but why doesn't he start talking to me when I see him? And when we give each other a playful look, he can't look me in the eyes that long, he looks away...

So now I'm confused Because when I don't see him he's sweet and flirty and nice and fun, and when I see him he's quiet but after a while he might start flirting...what's that all about?

Tnx for all your answers, but if he knows I'm into him, why is he still so shy? It kinda discourages me...
So we were gonna go out tonight with a bunch of friends, but he couldn't make it. But last night when he went out he touched a girl's ass and he told people he really disliked her...I didn't even see him for more than 10mins this weekend, what's up with all these darn mixed messages?


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  • He sound like someone who has more confidence with written word. He finds that talking to you face to face a bit intimidating, but give him time he'll get over his shyness and open up to you.

    • I'm like that, I can't seem to speak with people I like until I can get over the 'is this real?' factor.

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    • Just ask him about himself. I don't know him so I can't really tell you how to make him relaxed.

    • We don't really talk that seriously, lol, oh well, guess I'll just see how it goes... tnx :)


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  • It is so much easier to talk to someone on text messages then in real life. He's shy and won't get over it.

  • It's easier to be yourself when typing to someone. He probably isn't used to talking to girls. It goes away with time.


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  • He's just being shy when you see him in person. He probably feels braver when you talk through text because well, it's text. Just keep talking to him in person and eventually he should warm up and show you his sweet and funny self :)