What does it mean when a dude only wants to chill at midnight?

i was hanging with this dude and at first we were really cool then all of a sudden he wouldn't text me back or he would text me days later but when he is here he always checks his text messages, and today when he seen me instead of speaking he texts me and was like I'm gonna come by later then turns around and says he will try to come or he might come at 12 can somebody explain?


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  • Maybe he's busy until midnight. I can tell you're sort of pushing us towards saying he's just trying to use you for sex, but I'm not going to make that judgement solely based on when he wants to hang out.

    • i don't think its for sex , cause we haven't had sex so it would be a waste of time I just want to know why the sudden time change at first he would come over during the day and chill then just all of a sudden when I asked him he would say he busy but I would see him around campus and he would be like I didn't get your text when I haven't said anything about a text.

    • If he's changing up the time like that, it's probably because something came up that will have him busy until 12.

    • okay... my intuition says its something more


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  • I usually hang with the girl I like around 10 because I don't have any time during the day. Maybe he's just busy too.

  • busy with another girl until 12?


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